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Scottish Infrared Heating is a trading division of Elsco Heating Ltd. Supplying quality electric heating across Scotland  from Elgin & Glasgow     

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Far Infrared  Heater Pricing

Everyone want to know the price(s)and would like  a price list of Fa Infrared Heaters

The problem with this is  how do you know what you want and need?

Remember that the power of you heater(s) has to be right for the room and this is determined by a formula relating to the volume of the room the use of the room and an indication of insulation .

You might need one heater for your room, you might need three!

This is where we come in to  try and ensure your room is correctly balanced.

So this, along with the vagaries of delivery costs to different places, is why we don't issue  a price list!

We have researched the market thoroughly and think we offer great  value for money.

Our  prices vary between £400 for a smaller unit  up to £1200 for our largest unit including VAT, with  controller and bespoke photograph. You can be assured,  that once we get  YOUR  room dimensions. an indication of insulation and your preferred design requirements,  we will be able to quickly firm up on the correct sizes, design  and price  to suit YOU.