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Scottish Infrared Heating is a trading division of Elsco Heating Ltd. Supplying quality electric heating across Scotland

We have seen  that feeling warm or cold does not necessarily depend on the temperature of the air!.

Far Infrared heaters  heat the walls, objects (including people) within a room and NOT the air in the room So infrared heating is very different from convection based heating systems which heats the air in the vicinity  the heater.  

The main  factor  in deciding to use these heaters apart from taking up less room and being possibly a healthier alternative to traditional heaters is cost savings

1) As an infrared heater heats objects directly and not the air around them actual power requirement can be less

2) Heat loss due to draughts and other ventilation are lower as you are heating materials not air. The materials have a greater thermal mass which maintains heat over a longer period than air which has no thermal mass as such.

3) Human thermal comfort is perceived differently when heating the walls and objects in a room. Some people say this is as much as 3.5 deg centigrade less than  with  conventional convection heating

4)  The design of these heaters and controls also results in  potential savings.

5)  Heating the walls directly means they stay dry giving mould and mildew less chance to  develop and spread

6)  As their is little air circulation ( as a result of no convection) then no dust is raised and bacteria spread less easily.

7) This is a natural form of warmth (like the heat from the sun) and is believed by some to have a beneficial effect on the immune system

The skiers in the picture on the left are sunbathing on top of a snow covered mountain where the air temperature is well below zero. But they are warm and can even get a  suntan! This is due to the warming effects from the suns   Infra red part of the spectrum.

If you are out on a sunny Spring  day and a cloud passes in front of the sun you can suddenly feel a chill. The air temperature hasn't changed but you are no longer feeling the full effect of the Far Infrared heat from the sun.